Author                    :    Susan HILL

Adapted By             :    Stephen MALLATRATT

Translator                :    Ayşe BERKTAY HACIMİRZAOĞLU

Director                   :    Mesut TURAN

1st Assistant Director  :    Ekin TUNÇAY TURAN

2st Assistant Director  :    Güneş ALTINBAŞ


Actor           :  Erdinç DOĞAN

Arthur Kipps  :  Gökçe YURTSAL

Woman       :  Nazlı ÖZDEMİR


Priest               :  Mesut TURAN

Conductor (Rail) :  Hakan BOZBEY

Set Designer          :  Batuhan BOZCAADA

Costume Designer   :  İnci KANGAL ÖZGÜR

Lighting Designer    :  Osman UZGÖREN

Original Music       :  Fırat AKARCALI

Make - up Designer :  Dr. Yeşim ARSOY  



Stage Manager : Erkan AY

Music & Sound Board Operator 


Light Board Operator 


Prompter : Müjde YAZAR

Set Manager   : Süleyman BULUÇ

Prop Manager : Sıttık ATAY


Rabia İPEK


Hair/Makeup :  Arzu GÜRBÜZ


Ayberk SEDEF

Deniz Çağlar YAKAR


Due to the elements of horror present, this play may not be suitable for children under the age of 13, audience members with heart diseases or epilepsy, and pregnant people. 

The Woman In Black


State Theatre

(2018 - 2019)

(2019 - 2020)

(2021 - 2022)


Pictures From The Play 1


Muzaffer AYKANAT



MESUT TURAN  (Director)

About “The Woman In Black” 

“This is actually ; the tragic story of a mother who gets pregnant out of wedlock, and is forced by her family and friends to give up her child !” …

Years ago, when I first read the play, this was the “thing” that stuck out to me… More than a horror and thrill filled ghost story, it was, at its core, the way a woman, a mother, was handed a strict, cruel, ruthless fate by a common judgement ! The very thing that is still so commonly experience all around the world, that thing that scares so many women. It has many names… but let’s call it a “thing !”…

I was thoroughly impressed by the way a tragedy such as this was decorated with elements of horror and carried over to a theater stage. Susan Hill had written a horrid, contemplative, thrilling, exciting and impressive novel. Stephen Mallatratt had taken those same emotions and adapted the novel for the stage. It was different, it was electric. It had to be put on stage one day, for us, for us all…

Jennet Humfrye was simply one of the many young women who could not resist the societal rules of morality. She was weak, penniless, with no one to support her. She was a young woman who had been ignored, cast aside ; who could not free herself from the pressures of her family and social circle despite giving birth to her child abroad. 

Then one day… She witnessed the death of her child, that precious thing that gave her a reason to live. She then disappeared into the fog, fell in a deep darkness. She blamed her sister for her child’s death. She fell ill while burning up in a raging desire of vengeance. She became skeletal, her soul blackened and perished… Her body decomposed down below the earth, but her soul kept on living, ever growing in its rage and vengefulness. It was entirely ruthless, now, every child was an inch away from an untimely death. Whenever the ghost was spotted by someone, a child died… 

But who was really guilty here ? Was it her, or her ghost ?.. Or…

Well… You’ll have to watch and see…

“Christmas smelled around. I became aware that I had interrupted the others in a lively conversation. ‘We are telling ghost stories — just the thing for Christmas Eve!’ And so they were — vying with each other to tell the horridest, most spine - chilling tale… Yes, I had a story, a true story, a story of haunting and evil, fear and confusion, horror and tragedy. But it was not a story to be told around the Fireside on Christmas Eve.” thought Arthur KIPPS to himself…

He had to rid himself of this curse. He thought he could only do so by putting everything that had happened to him down onto paper, by telling his friends and family was exactly happened.


The enlisted the help of a young actor…

They would once more take this strenuous and fearful journey together, on the stage…


                                                                                                   (ACTOR - KIPSS)

Pictures From The Play 2


                                                                                                                          (ACTOR - KIPSS)


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